• Social Media Video

    Social Media Video Social Media Video: Screentime Labs asked us to produce a short promotional film for their app – Screentime, which they would then use in a social media ad campaign. Conceptually, quite simple; the filming involved dashing around to various locations to film the interviews, then filming some shots of the app in action. The final video mainly consists of interviews with some end users of the app, and an interview with the founder, Steve. The ad campaign was a great success, […]

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  • Launch event films

    Launch event films Launch event films: We were asked to come into London to film a launch event for BQ, a Spanish mobile phone and tech company. They were launching their business in the UK, and wanted us to film and photograph the event. The photos were widely distributed to the media, and the short film was published on social media.

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  • Crowdfunding Film

    Crowdfunding Film This film was made for a Bristol based charity called Happy City UK, and is being used in a campaign at the time of writing this article. A crowdfunding film needs to be very effective in getting the message across and, typically, should only be around two to three minutes in length. The concept and storyboard was devised in collaboration with the team at Happy City, and was filmed and edited by Morley Films.

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  • Event Documentation

    Event Documentation Event Documentation: UFi Charitable Trust, asked us to come into London to film their second annual event showcasing the projects that they were supporting in 2016. Much like the previous year, they wanted a film to put all over their social media in order to highlight the work they do. We produced this highlights film for them, filmed each presentation, and also photographed the event too.

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  • Demonstrating business ethos

    Demonstrating business ethos Demonstrating business ethos: This film was for V12 Footwear. They asked us to come to film and photograph one of their workshops in London. The key to covering events like this is to do it as unobtrusively as possible, so as not to interfere with the purpose of the workshop. This is how they described the workshop… “We were recently joined by wearers and buyers from the rail industry. Along with members of the V12 team they […]

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  • Business Promotional Video Bristol

    Business Promotional Video Bristol Business Promotional Video Bristol: Broad St Hair brought us in to produce video and photo content for various marketing campaigns throughout 2015/16. They take great pride in their academy for aspiring hairdressers, and so asked us to produce a film to help promote the academy.

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  • Event Filming Bristol

    Event Filming Bristol Event Filming Bristol: We’ve just finished this film for the Bristol Pound. It was a great experience to film at the night market as the look and feel of the footage we captured was a joy to edit! This film will be shown as part of the initiative to encourage the take up of independent currencies in other UK cities.

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  • Product Launch Film

    Product Launch Film Product Launch Film: If you have a product that you’d like to promote using video then get in touch. This product promo film accompanied the launch to market of The Collector Vermouth, and was shot during their official launch. The Collector is an artisan Vermouth, locally produced in small batches and bottled by hand. The brief was to produce a short film that captures the essence of the launch event and matches the product in it’s simplicity and beauty. […]

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  • Testimonial Films

    Testimonial Films Testimonial Films: A local estate agent, Robin King, pride themselves on their exceptional customer care, and asked us to produce a series of customer testimonial films for them to use in various targeted marketing campaigns. They found the customers who were willing to talk in front of the camera, and we turned up to film them – simple, and very effective.

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  • Business event filming

    The UFI Charitable Trust approached us needing to document an upcoming project launch event in London. They wanted a 2 minute film that explains the purpose of the event, what the aims of their Fund is, and how it has helped some of the beneficiaries. The film ended up being posted on their various social media channels.

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  • Local business promo film

    Broad Street Hair approached us with the brief to create a promotional film for their business, plus a number of smaller films to help with their marketing campaign throughout the next year. This is the promotional film which now sits at the very top of their website, and is pretty much the first thing you see if you head over to www.broadstreethair.com. This was shot in one day, following a couple of hour long meetings, and edited in around two days. […]

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  • Promotional Film for book release

    Promotional Film for book release It was a referral from another happy customer that brought Julia to us. She wanted three promotional films made to accompany the release of a book that she had written. The films were simple in their concept – Julia speaking to the camera about some of the principles covered in her book, and taking the viewer through a ten minute meditation. This is film one of three. The filming for all three took place in […]

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Morley Films – Video Production in the Bristol and Somerset area.

Morley Films is a video production company with a reputation for producing creative, effective, and engaging films for businesses and organisations of all sizes. We offer a range of services that include location filming, studio filming, photography, sound recording, editing (video & audio), aerial filming and photography, and motion graphics. We take great pride in our reputation, and will work tirelessly to ensure that every one of our clients is 100% satisfied with the finished project. Whatever the size of your project, we promise that all of our work is undertaken in the Morley Films “Craft & Graft” way!



  • Product photoshoot

    Product photoshoot

    Here are some pics taken during the Lovely Drinks product photoshoot. These pics were used on their exhibition banner/stand, and website.

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  • Product photography

    Product photography

    Product Photography We’ve been asked to take some photos of artwork created by local artist Amy Shiner. Amy wasn’t happy with the existing copies of her artwork, taken using an industrial scanner, as her artwork contains a lot of texture and relief that wasn’t well represented in the scans. Lighting is so important in product photography and I suggested that we light the artwork in a way that emphasises the relief and metallic areas.  These photos will be used to create large prints […]

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  • Product launch photo and film

    Product launch photo and film

    Here are a few pics from our recent coverage of the Ethicurian restaurant’s official launch of their Vermouth – The Collector. The accompanying film is can be found in the above film portfolio.

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  • One of our training films was awarded at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2011

    One of our training films was awarded at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2011

    We have experience in producing training films. In 2011 we produced a visual learning aid to help student psychiatrists pass their CASC exams. The DVD contained a series of acted-out patient/consultant scenarios followed by a peer discussion for each topic. The finished product ran over 6 DVD’s, and came with an accompanying book. The DVD was given the ‘Highly Recommended’ award at the BMA Medical Book awards. Here’s a link to a snippet of the DVD on Youtube  – Click […]

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  • Our eco-office at Yeowood Farm!

    Our eco-office at Yeowood Farm!

    We can’t believe how quickly the time has gone since moving into our space at the eco-office on Yeowood Farm. Four months!!    

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