Demonstrating business ethos

Demonstrating business ethos

Demonstrating business ethos: This film was for V12 Footwear. They asked us to come to film and photograph one of their workshops in London. The key to covering events like this is to do it as unobtrusively as possible, so as not to interfere with the purpose of the workshop.

This is how they described the workshop…

“We were recently joined by wearers and buyers from the rail industry. Along with members of the V12 team they took part in an externally facilitated in-depth workshop.

It was designed to give us a greater understanding and insight into the conditions in which they use their boots and also to explore ideas on what would improve their ‘footwear’ experience.

Using a combination of stimulus material we also discussed key features and together assessed potential new innovations.

As with previous workshops we gained valuable insight and feedback that will enable us to push our designs further and to ensure that we’re always providing our wearers with the safest, most comfortable footwear possible.”